AGL Building Ltd are builders and decorators with over 30 years’ experience of working with major insurers, loss adjusters, claims management organisations and policy holders.

For Home Owners

If you have recently made an insurance claim and your insurance company have ask you to get estimates from local building companies we will be pleased to provide you with a quotation.

We provide free estimates to carry out insurance repairs and restoration work for both domestic and commercial properties. We are expert in the correct repair of buildings and fixtures damaged by fire, flood, water leaks, subsidence, storm or accidental damage.

We have worked with most major insurance companies in the UK and therefore have extensive knowledge and expertise of the process involved. We have skilled site management and expert tradesmen who will deliver excellent workmanship and keep you fully informed as we restore your property to its original condition.

For Insurers

Our 30 years of experience in undertaking building work for major insurance companies, loss adjusters and claims management organisations has enabled us to develop systems of work and a skilled workforce which is responsive to the needs of the insurer and the policy holder.

Accurate assessment of the optimum plan of work, experience of repairing damage ranging from a relatively minor damage due to a burst pipe through to structural fire damage, and an awareness of the need to complete repairs quickly and within an agreed budget are factors which have enabled AGL Building Ltd to go from strength to strength.

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Flood Damage

Flood damage can be devastating and deep-rooted. It can cause structural damage, and has been known to undermine the foundations and the structural integrity of a property. It’s vitally important that any flood damage be investigated in full, as the damage you can’t see is usually far greater than what you can see.

One common mistake we see with flood damage, is the insurer trying to begin repairs before ALL the damp has been eradicated. This can look OK for a while, but after a few months, damp will start to re-appear which is effectively trapped by the new plaster and finishing materials. Flood damaged walls need to be taken back to the brickwork for drying purposes.

Damp also comes with health risks, and can cause colds and even pneumonia, so it important that you DO NOT attempt to, or be persuaded to live in a house that has a high moisture reading. 

Water Damage

Water damage is the most common reason people make claims against their insurance policy. Burst pipes, frozen pipes and leaking pipes can have a devastating affect on a property. A pipe could have been leaking for months, even years, before it is discovered. A burst pipe can flood a house in minutes.

Water causes damage to walls, flooring, joists, carpets,furniture – anything it comes in contact with in fact. Pipes leaking behind or from showers can cause a substantial amount of damage not only to the bathroom but also the ceilings below. Water damage to ceilings is a common claim. There are numerous types of ceilings, including plasterboard, artex, lathe & plaster, suspendedand so on. If coving is present this will need to be removed and replaced.

Water damaged walls need to be taken back to the brickwork for drying purposes. Water can lay dormant under laminate flooring for a long period of time before you realise there is or has been a leak. 

AGL Building Ltd can assist with all types of Water Damage: Burst pipes, leaking pipes, flood damage, radiator leaks, shower leaks, bath leaks, header tank leaks, burst water tank, waste pipe leak, cracked leaks.

Storm Damage

Storm damage can come in many guises, from a roof blown off, to fallen trees, flood damage due to high rainfall or a storm surge, or impact damage due to flying objects.

The key with storm damage is to get the building weatherproof and stable again as soon as possible. Get us involved as soon as possible so that we can prevent further damage (or consequential damage) from occurring.



Fire & Smoke Damage

Of all the types of Insurance Claims, fire damage can be the most devastating. If a property has suffered a fire in one room the whole property will normally suffer from smoke damage and leave a dense odour. Flooring, walls and ceilings can be affected as well as personal affects and belongings being destroyed.

House fires can have a huge affect on family life, usually resulting in alternative accommodation being arranged whilst the property is being repaired.
In the event of a house fire, time is of the essence. Should you have suffered a house fire call our claims team to discuss how we can help you in getting your house reinstated.
AGL Building can help with the aftermath of: chimney fires, chip pan fires, electrical fires, arson attacks, cooking appliances, bbq fires, accidental fires, cigarette fires, lightning strikes, house fires, flat fires, smoke damage, commercial property fires, cooker fires.

Contact AGL for a quote: 01753 315941